Why Aquaponics Gardening is Easy and Fun

Aquaponics gardening is becoming surprisingly popular these days, and you want to know why? Because it really is remarkably easy and fun, for such a big and complicated sounding word!

This type of gardening technique uses a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics – fish do what fish do best in the water – poo – and these nutrients feed the plants which filter out the nasty bits and clean the water so that it can be returned to the fish. What a revolutionary idea. Not only is this an excellent method of growing food and plants, it’s also fantastic for the fish. Talk about a win-win situation.

Aquaponics gardening offers a very sustainable solution to two major world problems – a shortage of food and a shortage of fish. We all know how good fish is for us to eat, on the other hand we’re constantly bombarded with information about how the fish stocks are depleting in the sea due to over-fishing – a balance is needed and that balance is aquaponics gardening.
Not only can this method provide the future of fish farming (and it very well might), it is also remarkably easy and fun to set up at home. More and more people are becoming interested in growing their own food but not everybody has a half acre back yard, some people have to be a little more imaginative in their approach to self sufficiency!

There is an age old belief that plants need soil in which to grow but that belief has been blown out of the water (pardon the expression) thanks to aquaponics. Many plants can manage perfectly well in soil-less environments and can thrive in these conditions. Okay, root vegetables do pose a bit more of a problem, stuff like potatoes, carrots and onions but I’m sure that a solution is only a couple of brainwaves away for that too.

Setting Up a Home Aquaponics Gardening System

If you’ve already some kind of fish pond, aquarium, or tank then you are already on your way to setting up this type of fun, easy growing system. Did you know that your collection of goldfish could actually help you to grow delicious vegetables or beautiful flowers? In case you were wondering, the food does taste delicious when grown using this system, some might even say it’s better than soil grown!
Basically you need some sort of pump to take the “soiled” water from the fish tank to feed the plants, and then return the water back to the fish when it has been filtered and cleaned by their roots. The amount of water which is actually used is minimal which makes this system of gardening extremely economical, especially in countries where water is a scarce commodity. The water just keeps on circulating round and round, the fish keep on relieving themselves and the plants keep on growing.

Aquaponics gardening really is remarkably easy, self sustaining and great fun to do. It can provide a great hobby for children of all ages as well as some mighty tasty food!